ASICS women’s sports t-shirts

Stay cool and comfortable while you run with our collection of women's short sleeve running tops. Designed with the active woman in mind, these tops feature lightweight, breathable fabrics and a range of stylish designs. Whether you're training for a race or simply enjoying a daily jog, our women's running tops will keep you looking and feeling great.

Women’s sports t-shirts are the ideal accompaniment to runs, gym sessions and a wide variety of popular sports (tennis, volleyball, padel and much more). They allow your skin to breathe so you avoid overheating, while providing cover and protection from the sun. You might also be interested in our women’s long sleeve tops and women’s tank tops.

Women’s sports t-shirts for for all activities

Whatever your favourite sport, ASICS sports t-shirts for women have got you covered. We’ve designed our women’s sports t-shirts in close collaboration with expert apparel designers and female athletes to offer tops that really meet the needs of different pursuits. 

Our running t-shirts women’s, for example, are especially lightweight and breathable, while our women’s tennis s-shirts provide greater freedom of movement when you’re serving up an ace. 

Design elements of women’s sports t-shirts

It’s smart to choose tops specifically designed for your sport – they give you freedom to move in comfort, thanks to technologies which remove moisture and prevent sticking. They also dissipate heat more efficiently than standard cotton t-shirts, which means you won’t overheat. And with ASICS ladies' short-sleeve shirts, function meets style with our distinctive, attractive designs.

How to choose women’s sports t-shirts

To find the right ladies sports t-shirt, first begin by thinking about the kind of exercise you do. ASICS provides a wide range of sports t-shirts for women for most kinds of activity. 

Next, pair it up with the rest of your kit -  you can match colours, patterns and styles with our women’s leggings, shorts and skirts for a stylish look. 

For the complete wardrobe, browse our women’s sports clothing – and don’t forget your socks and sports bra.