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ASICS dynamic women’s tennis shoes

When you’re chasing down a drop shot or positioning yourself to return a powerful serve, you need to know your footwear won’t let you down. ASICS women’s tennis shoes provide a complete range of features to give you comfort and support on the court. Our tennis shoes for women are designed in close collaboration with professional and amateur players to deliver innovative footwear that helps you play your best game. 

Why you need women’s tennis shoes

A reliable pair of women’s tennis shoes is just as important as your racket when it comes to performing on court. When you’re playing tennis, a lot of energy gets passed through your feet, so you need shoes that can withstand this. 

During a typical match, you’re likely to jump on hard surfaces, drag your feet, run side to side and backwards and forwards, and maybe even slide. Generic exercise shoes are not designed for this activity and will wear out quickly. There’s also a risk of twisted ankles and soreness from wearing inappropriate shoes. 

Features of ASICS tennis shoes women

We’ve packed our range of women’s tennis shoes with features to offer stability, support and style for your sport. 

The outer of ASICS shoes for tennis women’s are made from durable materials that can withstand dragging and fast stops (we offer both hard court and clay court shoes), and offer multi direction and modified herringbone pattern grips to provide a mixture of stability while also allowing you to slide. 

We also build cushioning throughout the soles of the shoes too, which means you get more protection when landing from a jump or while moving in any direction. The uppers of our tennis shoes for women are very lightweight and breathable, which helps you avoid overheating. 

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Women’s tennis shoes and more

ASICs offers a full range of tennis shoes for women, for all surfaces and levels of experience. And, once you’ve selected your tennis shoes women, why not browse our tennis clothing and accessories for the complete courtside style?