ASICS sports bras: the comfort and support you need

Sports bras are a vital piece of equipment for women runners - almost as important as your running shoes. Your breasts move in a figure of eight motion when running, so without adequate support, this can lead to soreness - and even long term damage. 

How to choose a sports bra

Your choice of sports bras will depend on the kind of exercise you do, and your cup size. 

Low and medium impact sports, such as strength training, yoga or cycling can benefit from a cup-less design. These sports bras compress your breasts against your chest, which reduces movement. These bras may also be suitable for women with a smaller cup size. 

For high impact sports - including running, tennis, netball or hockey, you will need a high impact sports bra. A sports bra for running and high impact sports will come with two cups that provide support for each breast. High impact sports bras may have cross back straps, which further reduce movement. 

Choosing the right size sports bra

You should buy the same size bra as your normal bra when choosing women’s sports bras. They may feel firmer, but this is intended to reduce bounce. If you’re unsure of the right size sports bra for you, it’s always worth getting a bra fitting. 

How ASICS designs women’s sports bras

At ASICS, our highly experienced designers work with women athletes and amateur runners to design highly supportive, comfortable sports bras. We use sweat wicking materials which draw moisture away from the skin to avoid chafing. Our sports bras also include features to reduce movement, comfortable materials that are firm yet soft on the skin, and meshes to encourage ventilation. Our running bras come in a wide range of sizes, meaning you can find the right choice for your shape. 

And of course, ASICS sports bras provide you with world-renowned quality and attractive designs which match with our running bottoms and running tops.