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Women's Netball Shoes (24)

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ASICS netball trainers

Whether you are leaping to catch a lob pass or running to intercept an opponent’s shot, you need total confidence in your netball trainers. ASICS netball trainers offer players of every level a durable, dynamic and dependable shoe that helps you lead your team to victory. We’re proud that our netball shoes are worn by numerous professional clubs, including Australia’s national team. 

Why do you need specialised netball shoes?

Netball demands a lot from your feet and so it is important to choose netball shoes that truly match the needs of the sport. Wearing generic sports shoes or running trainers is not advisable. These shoes won’t offer the right support or cushioning where you need, and could result in injuries and soreness, and the shoes are likely to get damaged fast. 

Netball is a sport that requires rapid changes in direction, jumping, hard sprinting and sudden stops, among other dynamic movements. You need to choose footwear that’s specifically designed for these needs. 

Features of ASICS netball trainers

ASICS netball trainers are designed with a durable sole to tackle fast changes in direction, high jumps and landing, plus a tough grip to stop you from sliding, even in wet weather. We have designed both indoor netball trainers and outdoor netball trainers, with soles and materials suitable for each environment and surface. 

Our women’s netball shoes have been designed in close collaboration with pros and amateur players to offer a shoe that truly matches your needs. We’ve built in key features like our GEL™ cushioning and highly resistant rubber soles, plus added support to reduce the risk of a twisted ankle. 

ASICS netball trainers for women are designed with lightweight material, which means you can move across the court with greater speed. We have also used a mesh panelling on the uppers of our netball trainers, which allows air to circulate and prevents your feet from becoming too hot and uncomfortable. 

All of ASICS’ netball trainers come in a variety of colours and designs so you can find a pair that matches your style or your team’s kit. 

Netball trainers and more

For the complete look, match your netball trainers with our women's clothing for those all important training sessions. We've also developed other handy accessories, such as our women's sweatbands to keep the sweat out of your eyes, Knee pads to prevent scrapes if you fall, and hats to keep you shaded when it’s sunny. Also, browse our women’s bags and packs to carry your belongings in comfort and style and adventure.