ASICS trail running clothes

Hit the trails with complete confidence in the comfortable, durable and high-performance range of trail running clothes from ASICS. When you’re out on the trails, the clothes you wear are just as important as your footwear. At ASICS, we’ve designed a complete range of world-class trail running clothing to provide all the support and protection you need. 

The value of proper trail running clothing

If you regularly run on trails, it’s worth investing in specially designed trail running clothes. Unlike regular exercise gear, trail running clothing is designed with various elements that will help you have a more comfortable workout when running on unpredictable and muddy terrain. 

When you’re running mile after mile on the trails, weight is everything. You need to be at your absolute lightest while still having plenty of protection against the elements. Trail running outfits typically feature breathable base layers, windproof mid-layers and streamlined shorts for unbeatable comfort, practicality and performance. They also need to provide a combination of wind and water resistance. 

ASICS trail running clothes  

ASICS range of trail running clothes includes lightweight running pants, seamless short-sleeve tops for unbeatable movement and comfort, compression running tights made from quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric, and split running sports to keep you cool while allowing unbeatable freedom of movement. We have a complete range of trail clothing for men and women, including trail running shorts UK and trail running skorts UK.  

All our trail running clothes use our 3D body motion technology, which helps you maximise freedom of movement. They come with pockets that allow you to carry gels, gloves and other accessories. They also provide you with breathable fabrics and odour control technology which will keep your clothing fresher for longer. 

Browse our range of trail running clothes and place your order online. We also have trail running shoes and accessories so you can find everything you need in the same place.