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Run your best in ASICS running shoes

ASICS running shoes are regarded as some of the best running footwear in the world. Trusted by millions of professionals, serious enthusiasts and complete beginners alike, our running trainers help you go further and surpass your limits. 

We’re proud that our running trainers are worn by UK professional track and field athletes like Eilish McColgan and Josh Griffiths. 

ASICS sports shoes for all runners

We’ve put more than 70 years of innovation into creating the best running trainers suitable for all kinds of runners. Whether you’ve just started running regularly, are fairly experienced or train professionally, ASICS provides the best running shoes for every level.  

We provide sports shoes for different types of runners, including track sprints, training on the treadmill, trail running, triathlons, marathons and ultramarathons. Browse our trainer shoes to narrow down your search for the best running trainers for your sport. 

What sets ASICS running shoes apart?

Over our seven decades designing sports shoes, we have developed numerous technologies that make our running shoes unique. 

Among the many innovations in ASICS trainers are our GEL™ technology, which offers a unique cushioning to protect your feet and joints from the impact of running. Unlike other brands that rely on foam (easily damaged) or air (prone to leakage), GEL™ offers long lasting cushioning and superior protection for your joints. 

We’ve also developed our advanced FLYTEFOAM™ technology, that makes our shoes lightweight yet supportive. ASICS training shoes have a supportive structure and breathable uppers which prevent your feet from overheating too. 

Rest assured, that technology has not come at the cost of design. Our running shoes for men and women are the perfect balance of functionality and style to provide comfort, stability and cushioning for any occasion. 

The only running shoes you’ll ever need

There are hundreds of running shoes available on our website, specialising in many different types of running (including road and trail). Browse and find the best running trainers for you. 

Unsure which running trainers are right for you? Use our Shoe Finder to narrow down your search. If you want to try before you buy, use our store locator to find a running trainer shop that stocks ASICS trainers. 

We also offer high-performance running gear and running clothes so you can find all the equipment you need for your next running adventure.