ASICS men’s running jackets

Waterproof running jackets and vests help to keep you dry and warm when you are working out. Versatile and lightweight, ASICS’ leading range of running jackets for men can be slipped off and on quickly to keep you dry and comfortable in any weather. A men’s running jacket is a very handy piece of kit for any regular runner’s wardrobe, and can make your sessions more comfortable and productive. 

Benefits of men’s waterproof running jackets

The key benefit of men's running jackets and vests is that they keep you dry while running in rainy conditions. Unlike jogging in regular waterproofs, a running jacket is specifically designed to keep you dry while also preventing overheating. Men’s waterproof running jackets use breathable panels and materials that prevent overheating.  

Men’s waterproof running jackets also allow you to add lightweight layers to your running kit with ease. That gives you the flexibility to add or remove layers while you are exercising or training, and avoid becoming too hot or too cold. Choosing a waterproof running jacket or vest means you avoid discomfort and can focus all your energy on the run itself. 

ASICS: Complete range of running jackets for men

Whether you are running a marathon, jogging along a muddy trail, or simply taking a turn around the local park, we have a men’s running jacket for you. Our men's waterproof jackets are also ideal for track runners, helping you stay dry and warm while waiting between races. An ASICS running jacket or running vest will also keep you warm and dry while you are on your way to the gym. 

For an outdoor run, a windproof and waterproof jacket is essential. In the ASICS range we have jackets that include laser-cut ventilation details to keep the air flowing around you. Meanwhile our sport vests are perfect for the gym, court, or field and allows you to keep your core warm on chilly evenings. For trail runners, a men’s waterproof jacket is a vital part of your kit, keeping you protected from mud splatters, branches and scratches while running on muddy paths.

Design elements of our men’s running jackets

All of ASICS’ running jackets are lightweight and use intelligent, breathable materials and back and underarm meshes to facilitate airflow. That means you will be waterproof while avoiding overheating. Our expert clothing designers use cutting-edge technology to produce jogging jackets which are trusted by professionals and amateur runners the world over. 

With stylish design elements, our men's running jackets incorporate reflective accents to improve visibility whenever you are running after dark and ensure you'll be spotted by traffic. Many of our waterproof running jackets and vests utilise sustainable materials so you know that your workout is as good for the planet as it is for you 

We also have a leading range of men’s hoodies and sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts and tights and leggings so you can find everything you need to maximise your training in any conditions.