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Men's Trail Running Shoes (38)

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ASICS trail running shoes men

The rockiest, muddiest, slipperiest paths have just met their match. ASICS’ men’s trail running shoes give you the ultimate footwear for taking on whatever the toughest terrain throws at you. We have designed these men’s trail running shoes and hiking shoes to give you complete confidence as you leap and sprint over a range of unpredictable surfaces. 

A reliable pair of men’s trail running shoes are an essential part of your trail running gear and will mean you can run confidently without worrying about slips and falls.  

Key features of ASICS men’s trail running shoes

Our range of men’s trail trainers incorporate cutting edge features to help you navigate unforgiving routes. We’ve packed in special features such as extra-sized lugs for more support, GEL™ for boosted comfort, and tough uppers giving you the greatest support, all in a lightweight and stylish package (but let’s be honest, they are going to be covered in mud in no time!). You will be running over stones and uncomfortable surfaces too, so we have added extra padding to prevent bruising on the soles of your feet. 

Many of our men’s trail running shoes incorporate GoteTex technology into the uppers, which means they are water resistant while still being breathable - and that prevents overheating. 

ASICS trail running shoes men are designed specifically for the heavier male form and running style. You will get a more durable, resistant shoe, which offers more support on the heels and mid-foot than generic hiking trainers and trail shoes. Our men’s trail running shoes also take into account the slightly greater width of men’s feet compared to women’s.

Choosing men's trail running shoes

Depending on the kind of trail running that you do, we have designed a variety of different trail running shoes men, which will match your needs. 

  • Speed running: If you need trail running trainers for racing or speed work, browse our range of lightweight shoes which continue to offer good grip, but with lighter structural features that let you speed up whenever you need.

  • Unstable terrain: If you are focusing on running on very muddy and unstable terrain, browse for a pair of sturdy trail running shoes that have especially large lugs that will give you that extra confidence when navigating slippery terrain.

  • Steep terrain: If your trail running takes you on steeper terrain (for example, if you participate in steeplechase) look for trail running trainers that have additional stability and structure that can help prevent your ankles from rolling and reduce the risk of injury. 

  • Hiking: And if you prefer to walk rather than run, then our hiking shoes will be ideally suited to your workouts. ASICS hiking shoes for men feature waterproof material and supportive structures which can help you avoid twisted ankles. 

  • Think waterproof: Trail running will see your footwear exposed to puddles and splashes - especially when you run in the rain or during winter. Most of our men's trail running shoes utilise Gore-Tex material which is water-resistant and keeps your feet dry when running in wet conditions. 

Looking good with ASICS men’s trail running shoes

The ASICS trail running shoes men’s range provides you with smart, eye-catching and reliable footwear that look good and feel good on your feet. Why not match them up with our trail running clothes and other kit for your runs?