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ASICS sports and running leggings

Exercise in total comfort in ASICS’ exercise and running leggings for women. Whether you are getting back into exercise, maxing out your gym pass or training for a marathon, you need leggings that offer total support, comfort and style to energise your workout. Our women’s sports leggings are suitable for a wide variety of exercise types and can help you perform with total confidence and comfort. 

Sport and running leggings are an essential piece of women’s clothing for exercise and should be part of every wardrobe. Your women's sport leggings should feel like a second skin, allowing you to move with a full range of motion. You will also benefit from compression features in many women’s tights for sport, which gives you extra support, stabilises your muscles and this may also help reduce fatigue after your workouts. 

Key features of women’s sport and running leggings

So, how should you choose sports leggings for women? It’s important to select running leggings for women which provide you with a range of features to help you make the most of your workout. If you are running long distances outdoors, it is valuable to choose a pair of leggings with pockets to carry keys and other valuable items. It is also useful to wear leggings which have reflective panels which means that you will be seen in the dark. 

Choosing seamless women’s tights for sport is also essential - this will help avoid friction and discomfort. There are different thicknesses available for running leggings too, giving you options for all seasons. 

Women's leggings come in various lengths. They can stop above the knee to maximise comfort during summer runs. Or they may continue down to your ankle. Longer women’s running leggings will keep you warmer in winter, and also offer protection if you are running off road (the extra material can stop you from being scratched by bushes, for instance). 

Why choose ASICS women’s sports leggings?

Our sports clothing experts have designed state of the art exercise leggings to incorporate the most cutting-edge technology to make it easier for you to exercise and go further. We have built in useful structural features for total support, including elasticated draw strings, and chosen breathable fabrics. Our women’s gym leggings also incorporate moisture-wicking features to keep you dry and free from chafing. Our leggings are completely opaque and are highly recommended for sport and leisure.

Some of our women’s tights feature compression areas that provide additional stability for your muscles while running. This encourages oxygenation of these muscles, and that can aid post-workout recovery and mean you feel less sore after sessions. Many of our running leggings and tights are made using recycled materials, which means they’re as good for the planet as they are for your run. 

Match our ladies leggings with our range of stylish women’s sports gear and find the ideal pair of trainers for your workout. For additional comfort, explore our women’s socks to give you that extra padding.

To learn more about choosing the right leggings, read our blog: How to wear running tights.