ASICS Tights and Leggings for Women

Tights and running leggings for women are an essential part of any gym wardrobe. With a tight fit and breathable fabric, they provide total support for your workouts. 

Compression and Support

Our women's running tights have a high elasticated waistband and a tight fit down the leg to prevent them from falling. Moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics help to allow movement while keeping you cool as you exercise. The tight fit also offers muscle compression to aid post workout recovery. This can promote blood flow, which can help your muscles feel less sore after intense workouts. 

Style And Function

The best women's running tights are stylish as well as functional. Look for features like pockets for carrying valuables, reflective panels for visibility in low light, and seamless construction to prevent friction and discomfort. You can also mix and match our women’s leggings with other ASICS gym gear like womens trainers and socks for extra comfort.

Ladies running leggings also come in various lengths, depending on your height, weather, and type of exercise you are doing. At ASICS we also have thicker options for colder weather or off-road running.