ASICS sports socks women’s

Find your rhythm in total comfort with ASICS’ specialised sports socks for women. Our ergonomically designed and breathable women’s socks are trusted by professional athletes, marathon runners, gym goers and court-sport players worldwide, giving you an extra layer of padding, structure and support, whatever your workout entails.

The importance of choosing women’s sports socks

If you are training regularly, it’s important to invest in a pair of proper women’s sports socks. Regular socks or ‘trainer socks’ do not provide the support your feet need while exercising. Using generic socks can lead to problems around rubbing, overheating, arch pain and unpleasant odours. Choosing proper women’s running socks and sports socks will help avoid these issues. 

How sports socks women’s are different

There are several features that differentiate sports socks for women. One particularly important area is the use of extra padding and arch support in the midfoot of the sole, which can reduce the risk of foot problems and strain. Sports and running socks for women often use structural elements that add compression and support for your feet. They also utilise materials that manage heat and moisture build up in your shoes, so you can avoid overheating and rubbing. 

Sports socks for women for all activities

Because every activity has slightly different needs, we've developed a wide range of sports socks for women to match yours. For the colder months our winter running socks give you extra length and thickness to avoid cold or numb toes, while our road neutral socks provide extra support and cushioning on pressure points – helping further combat foot pain on long runs, in conjunction with our running shoes. We’ve also designed special court sport socks such as tennis socks that contain a thin silicon gripper to give you a more direct connection with your tennis shoes.