A durable and reliable pair of girls running shoes is incredibly important to help your child reach her potential. We all know how tough kids can be on shoes but if your daughter is racking up serious miles at school, county level or at her local running club, having a pair of supportive and stable shoes is essential to reduce the risk of injuries and keep her comfortable.

Girls running shoes need to provide complete support for your child's running style and  the kind running that she takes part in. Depending on whether she runs on trails, grass and track, and whether she mainly does long-distance or or shorter races, she will need a different kind of trainer. It is also important to consider whether she is a neutral runner or if she over or under pronates, because there are different kinds of shoes available to support these different running styles. ASICS girls running shoes draw on decades of experience building running shoes for girls and we provide a full range of shoes for every kind of young runner. 

For guidance on which girls running shoes will suit your child best, use our running shoe finder tool. And don't forget to browse girls running clothes and accessories so that she has a full wardrobe for every run.