ASICS Men’s Padel Shoes

We worked with sports scientists and padel players and leveraged the latest in technology to create our men's padel shoes. They are reliable and durable, offering unparalleled protection and comfort as you play on the court. Why settle for anything less?

Padel shoes are designed for padel, a fast-paced racket sport. The game is played on hard surfaces so padel shoes need to be durable while protecting joints from high-impact movements.

Padel Shoe Technology

Mens padel shoes are designed with feedback from players. They use the latest ASICS footwear technology, including GEL™ cushioning silicone for rapid stops and hard landings, and a Trusstic system for stability and flexibility.

Supportive Style and Substance

ASICS men's padel shoes are also designed to look the part on the court as well as knowing you're dressed to take on even the biggest of challenges. We also have a range of padel shoes designed for women.

With a trustworthy padel shoe, you can avoid injuries, slips, and slides and focus on winning your game, whether you're training, playing friendlies, or competing in big matches.