ASICS men’s running shorts

Choosing the right pair of running shorts can make all the difference to the success and comfort of your workout. Whether you are training for a marathon, running on track, pounding along trails or working out at the gym, we have designed a complete range of men’s running shorts for your preferred activity. 

A full range of running shorts men

Depending on the kind of running that you do, you will want to choose a specific type of men's running shorts. 

For marathon and track running, choose a shorter pair of running shorts which provide maximum breathability and airflow, while allowing you to increase your range of motion.

If trail running is your thing, you will normally want a longer pair of men's sports shorts which include a compression layer. The extra length can protect you from the elements, being scratched by bushes and other objects which might get in your way. 

For general workouts and occasional road running, ASICS have gym shorts for men that are mid length and versatile and can be used for a variety of activities. 

Design elements of ASICS men’s running shorts

All of our men's running shorts are designed to incorporate the most advanced features and technology to ensure that your workout is as efficient as it can be. We include a variety of technologies such as a sweat wicking fabric which draws moisture away from your skin, lightweight materials that will not get in your way, and fabrics that deflect water to ensure that you are not slowed down.

To give you greater comfort, many of our men’s running shorts provide a supportive inner sprinter, to prevent unwanted movement in your groin area. They also feature adjustable waistbands and side slits for freedom of movement. 

For safety, many of our men's running shorts incorporate reflective features so you will be seen by drivers on the road. And for your convenience we have designed a range of men's shorts with zip pockets and space to hold your keys and  phone while you are exercising. 

Many of our shorts for men’s sports are made from recycled materials, which means your running kit is also good for the planet. 

Men’s running shorts and more

In addition to our extensive range of running shorts men, we also provide men’s athletic trousers and tights and leggings so you can find everything you need for the gym or the road, all in the same place. Once you’ve selected your men’s running shorts, don’t forget your running top.