ASICS men’s running tights and leggings

From keeping you warm as a base layer in winter to promoting blood flow as you run, running tights or leggings are an essential part of every runner's wardrobe. 

Why choose running tights for men?

ASICS men's running leggings are designed to improve your performance, enhance your comfort, and keep you safe on the roads. Our running tights for men are designed with special features and technology to keep you agile and enhance flexibility.

Men’s leggings: key features

The ankle zip feature on some of our tights makes it easy to put them on and the high waist helps them stay in place as you run. Reflective details on our men's running tights help to keep you visible to traffic. There is also plenty of pocket space for storing any valuables that you may need during your run.

ASICS men's running leggings are designed with moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable as you run. The material is lightweight and breathable too, allowing air to flow through to regulate your body temperature. The extra layer can also help to take the chill off on those dark, winter runs too. 

Our men’s running leggings are also available in both long and short lengths, to offer your comfort and performance whatever the weather.  But men's running tights aren't just about keeping warm and cool. The tight fit of men's running leggings provides compression to your muscles as you run. Compressing your muscles can help to promote blood flow, which can help to boost performance. 

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