ASICS running shorts women

Move with comfort and confidence in our running shorts for women. ASICS women’s running shorts are suitable for the gym, running, team sports or racing. So whether you are aiming to beat your personal best, reaching for that slam or simply need something comfortable and stylish for your next gym session, you can find the right sports shorts for women in our selection.

The importance of proper sports shorts for women

When choosing women’s workout shorts, it’s essential to select kit that not only looks good but includes cutting-edge technology to make your session comfortable, cool and efficient. Women’s gym shorts and running shorts are designed for the specific shape of female bodies, with consideration for hip, thigh and waist size. 

Running shorts for women provide maximum comfort, range of motion and breathable materials to keep you fresh, and they are ideal for staying cool while running in warmer weather or on long runs. If you need more cover, consider a pair of ASICS women’s leggings or trousers

What makes ASICS women’s running shorts unique?

We’ve been producing sports shorts for women for decades, and our designers continually innovate with new materials and designs to create the most reliable, supportive and long-lasting kit. 

We designed our premium and professional athletic shorts for women using breathable fabrics to keep you fresh, moisture-wicking technology for dryness and structured design for maximum support as you move. For our women’s running shorts and gym wear, we’ve also included discreet pockets to carry your belongings and reflective bars to ensure you’re seen in the dark.

Many of our women’s sports shorts are made using recycled material, which means they’re as good for the planet as they are for your workout sessions. 

Full range of sports shorts women

We include different features in our sports shorts for women depending on the activity you’re doing - so use the filters on the left of this page to narrow down between road running, tennis, trail and gym shorts for women. 

For instance, our running shorts women tend to be shorter to maximise ventilation and keep you cool. Trail running shorts for women are often a little longer to give you more protection against branches and the elements. Our sports shorts for women are also optimised for tennis, volleyball, netball and other court games.

Match your women’s workout shorts with our extensive range of women’s shoes, and build out your wardrobe with our women’s tank tops and sports bras.