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At Home Workouts for Beginners

OCT. 13, 2022
We all know it's important to stay fit, but sometimes when you're new to exercising, it's hard to know where to start or which exercises will help you reach your goals.
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Fortunately, it doesn't have to be complicated or costly. There are endless options for working out right in your own home. Including bodyweight exercises, which require no equipment.

Bodyweight exercises allow for a great deal of freedom, and a significant mind-body connection. From the absolute beginner to the fitness expert, many of the following exercises can be done with little to no gym equipment.

Girl doing yoga

Bodyweight Home Workouts

Pushups, burpees, planks, side planks, crunches, box jumps, and yoga are just a few bodyweight home workouts' that you can do with nearly no equipment. Each of these exercises has several variations to be more or less challenging as you progress.

  • For example, you can make pushups easier by using your knees, and you can make them more difficult by elevating your feet on a chair or a couch.
  • You can use a chair or couch for split squats, and for box step-ups, a bench or even a weight. It’s amazing the different exercises you can perform with items around the house.
  • You can fill up a backpack with heavy objects to use as a weight for squats, lunges, and jumps.

Women using a kettleball

Home Workouts With Minimal Equipment

Some exercises that involve equipment you can easily perform at home are bicep curls, press-ups, kettlebell swings, and goblet squats. Each of these exercises could easily be completed with a small kettlebell or dumbbell.

Kettlebells can be a very versatile piece of gym equipment. They are just as functional as a dumbbell but can be used for swings, cleans, snatches, and a wide variety of kettlebell exercises.

When thinking of pressing or curling, dumbbells often come to mind, but a kettlebell can offer all of these exercises and more and a beginner may be more comfortable getting used to a kettlebell first.

Bands, ropes, doorway pullup bars, and yoga mats are other pieces of equipment you may find useful for making creative ways to exercise at home. You also can easily look up instructional videos on all of the variations of whatever equipment you’re using online.

man running the track

More At-Home Workout Options

There is so much potential for fitness with little to no equipment, so anyone can get started exercising with no fuss or frills. Working out at home is a convenient and easy way to enjoy physical activity and fitness in your own home to take a break from the stressors of everyday life.

Sports are another easy way to get moving without a gym membership. Basketball, soccer, running, hiking, and sprinting are all sports that can easily be done at a local park or in your backyard. Yoga is another great way to be active and physically explore what your body is capable of.

You would be surprised about the truly endless possibilities of exercising in your own home. Working out is simply anything you can do that's active and may or may not include going to a commercial gym.

Fitness is different and personal for everyone depending on their goals and lifestyle. Starting out in fitness in the comfort of your home is a fantastic way to explore your body and mind and to truly establish comfort and confidence working out.

Some ways you can further invest into your well-being are goal setting, positive self-talk, hydrating, and eating well.

If you’re completely new to fitness, picking just one exercise or activity and sticking to it for a while can make a huge impact. With a positive mindset, one small healthy habit will blossom into many more. The most important factor to consider when building your workout plan is picking activities or exercises you enjoy.

Getting Started

Anyone can find something active that they enjoy, and can reap the many mental and physical benefits. Once you get started with that one thing that you like, you can even journal and say how you felt during the session, jot down what you can improve on, and set goals. Throughout your journey be kind and patient with yourself, and find something you enjoy doing no matter how small of a change to your lifestyle.