ASICS SPORTSTYLE presents ART IN MOTION COLLECTION, a limited edition release designed by three local Southeast Asian artists. Ann Irin, Kenji Chai and tobyato, put their creative spin on our most iconic shoes, the Japan S, GEL-1130, NOVABLAST, bringing you an exclusive collection!

The collaboration marks ASICS SPORTSTYLE’s commitment to uplifting the creative community and culture across the Southeast Asia region by providing local creatives with a platform to showcase their craft. We can't wait for the big reveal, stay tuned!


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A unique spin on the classic GEL-1130™, the sneaker features an army camouflage pattern in the artist, Kenji Chai’s signature “Chaigo” colourway. As Kenji’s iconic alter ego character, “Chaigo” (Mandarin for stray dog) was created to capture his own story of survival on the streets to bring positive energy to the public. With a strong desire to connect with people through his art, he hopes to inspire others to never stop chasing their dreams.


Drawing inspiration from the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang, the NOVABLAST™ features an asymmetrical black and white design with a pop of pink and interchangeable velcro patches on the shoe tongue. Designed by artist tobyato, it explores the delicate balance between black and white and the co-dependency between opposite elements-which discovers a synergy that is nothing short of exceptional.



Mirroring the aesthetic of a heritage basketball sneaker, the JAPAN S™ gives your feet and your mind a lift for every move. Incorporating her characteristic doodles, artist Ann Irin brings varied textures and hues to the shoes to reflect the history of basketball materials. From rough, traditional leather to the smooth, present-day ball and a cream colourway representing the indoor court, the JAPAN S™ is reimagined with a modern lens.

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Kenji Choo




Ann Irin