It's important to wear proper running shoes for heavier runners as it helps protect the lower limbs. Finding the best shoes will offer additional support, shock absorption and cushioning.

“A running shoe with a good shock absorption can be best for a heavier runner," said Michelle Poulsen , an ASICS FrontRunner member and physiotherapist. "It can make running less stressful on your knees and back.”

What features should heavier runners look for in running shoes?

Wearing the recommended running shoes for your foot type, with consideration to the force and weight of each step, may help reduce stress on your legs. But what features should running shoes for heavier runners have?

“For a heavier runner, a shoe with good motion control support can help while also making sure that the shoe is not too tight around the foot,” said Evan Scully, an ASICS FrontRunner member.

Additional support

Heavier runners place more weight on their feet with each step. Shoes with additional support will hold the foot more firmly in place, which can help ease any discomfort. Wearing structured running shoes can allow runners to keep going that extra distance.

Effective shock absorption

Shock absorption can help heavier runners by lessening the force of each heel strike, meaning they don’t feel excessive amounts of pressure. Having adequate shock absorption will decrease the time you spend in recovery after a run.

Comfortable width

Ensuring that your running shoes have the proper width will allow support and shock absorption features to work properly. Wearing appropriate shoes with width that will fit your feet better will allow you to perform comfortably. ASICS has a range of Men’s Wide Shoes and Women’s Wide and Narrow Shoes online, to accomodate a varied range of foot widths.

Cushioning in the heel area

Heavier runners’ heels take on a lot of wear and tear. With extra cushioning in the heel area, you can enjoy your run more without worrying about additional discomfort during the recovery process.

Tips for heavier runners

No matter your fitness levels, exercise can feel discouraging at times. To overcome this, try to focus on why you're running in the first place. An aerobic exercise such as running can help your physical wellbeing as well as your mental health .

“One of the things that [can] discourage runners to continue are the comments by other people," said Fábio Lima , an ASICS FrontRunner member. "I was there and know exactly the feeling. But you have to think that you’re doing it for you, your health, for your mental well-being. What they say or not say, it doesn’t matter.”

“Start by alternating walk and run, look for flat paths to avoid downhills or uphill only after losing some weight. No one started running immediately. We all started by walking, fast walking, light jogging and then moving into running,” said ASICS FrontRunner member, Alexandra Torres.

Improve your performance with the appropriate running shoes

Heavier runners can improve their athletic performance by wearing the appropriate running shoes. Running may improve your mental health and physical wellbeing , and may even result in weight loss. A pair of structured running shoes with additional cushioning, shock absorption and proper width is helpful to runners of any size.

Trying to find the best shoes to fit your needs doesn’t have to feel like an overwhelming task. Visit your local ASICS retail store to receive a gait analysis and get running shoe recommendations from a professional.

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