The first pair of GEL-CUMULUS shoes arrived on the scene in 1999. The design stems from the simple combination of comfort and versatility. As our pursuit for a Sound Mind in a Sound Body™ through movement never ends, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in shoes. We strive to improve every experience in movement with every pair of ASICS shoes. Now, 2

Gel-Cumulus 1

5 models later, what does the latest GEL-CUMULUS 25 trainer bring?

More but less

When it comes to comfort, who wouldn’t want more? The GEL-CUMULUS 25 shoe is the most cushioned model yet from the series and its 25 years of history. We’ve increased comfort and cushioning by replacing the FLYTEFOAM™ cushioning with a single layer of FF BLAST™ PLUS cushioning. By consolidating the underfoot cushioning into just 1 layer, we’ve made it more comfortable, yet more simple. To top it off, this shoe features a 2mm higher stack height.

Cumulus comparison

You might be wondering, “With more cushion and more height, wouldn’t it make it heavier?” The short answer is no, it’s lighter! With the men’s shoe weighing in at 266g and women’s at 229g, they’re 20g lighter than the GEL-CUMULUS 24 model. We’ve updated the GEL technology to PureGEL™ technology, a softer and lighter cushion that’s only found in the rearfoot.

We have also done more with recycled materials. More than 90% of the shoe’s upper is constructed with recycled materials (as calculated by weight).

Two runners running in the Cumulus 25

Do more with the GEL-CUMULUS 25 shoe

What separates the GEL-CUMULUS series from others is its versatility. Adding this trainer to your lineup allows you to mix up your training and workouts. Whether you’re going for a long or short run, the added comfort in the GEL-CUMULUS 25 trainer keeps you comfortable in every stride. However, it finds a balance between comfort and stability with a lower stack than what you’d find in maximalist trainers. In this blend between the two, this shoe is also suitable for your cross-training needs like in the weight room, fitness class and more.

This model is also widely accessible. Suited for neutral pronators, it's suitable for most runners and athletes.

Whether you’re looking for one shoe that can do it all, adding to your rotation to incorporate cross-training, or simply looking for a versatile shoe to add to your lineup, look no further.

Mens and womens gel cumulus 25 trainer

Get Your Own

Continue your personal pursuit for a Sound Mind in a Sound Body™ in the latest GEL-CUMULUS 25 trainer and choose from the many available colours right here on the ASICS website.

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