Designed from the ground up to be comfortable and subtly hip, our shoe has a versatile silhouette you can wear all day for just about any occasion. With our GEL® Technology for rear-foot cushioning and a streamlined upper, your new go-to kicks are as good to your feet as they are for your image. Weight: 11.2 oz. Heel Height: 23mm. Forefoot Height: 13mm.

Pronation is part of the natural movement of the human body and refers to the way your foot rolls inward for impact distribution upon landing. Understanding your pronation type can help you find a comfortable running shoe. ASICS® GEL-Kenun is made for under & neutral pronation. ASICS® GEL-Kenun will provide cushioning and comfort.


A new cushioning technology developed in the ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS), Pad GEL is a combination of a sturdy outer layer (M5) and soft compounded GEL injected inside that adapts to your foot. The Pad GEL technology is unprecedented. Pad GEL makes direct contact to the running surface so you to have a tangible cushioning that you can actually feel during your run. The unique round shape form of the Pad GEL provides more cushioning and a smoother ride. In addition, having the GEL make direct contact to the ground translates to no distraction compared to angular shoe design.


The ASICS® GEL-Kenun is inspired by the word “Kenun (巻雲)”, meaning “Cirrus” in Japanese. Cirrus is a type of cloud composed of narrow bands and patches of thin wispy strands. The Pad GEL is designed in a rounded cloud-like formed shoe sole and incorporates lines that express the wispy streaks of cirrus clouds. The ASICS® GEL-Kenun upper draws inspiration from the ice crystals that form Cirrus cloud vapor into the air. The Pad GEL adapts to the ground condition, mimicking the function of an animal’s “paw” providing traction and shock absorption.

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