When it comes to performing at your best, getting your nutrition right before, during and after your daily runs can make a big difference. Having enough fuel onboard as well as being well hydrated can prevent fatigue and help ensure you’re able to run at the intensity you want for as long as you need to.

The amount needed to eat and drink varies depending on the length of your training sessions or the length of the event, as will the types of foods and drinks you have. There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to sports nutrition, so the best bet is to use your training sessions leading up to an event as opportunities to practice different strategies to see what works best for you. That way, when race day arrives, you will know you have a good, well-tested plan of attack!

Pre-Run Food Tips

Nutrition for Running

Practising for Race Day

During Your Run

Post-Run Recovery

Marathon Running Nutrition

Common Mistakes We See

We hope this guide to running nutrition assists in tackling the course strong, feeling fuelled, and full of energy. As with anything, finding what’s right for you can be a process. Be sure to try an assortment of foods and give your body the time to get accustomed to new energy sources. The best way to dial in on what works best is to keep a training diary, logging notes for each run with how you fueled and felt. Over time you’ll find the recipe to your best run.

Authored by NZ Registered Nutritionist, Claire Turnbull and NZ Registered Dietitian, Tom Shand

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