How to climb out of hibernation and spring into your summer training routine

Has your training regime slipped into hiding with you this winter? Does the idea of early mornings and running shoes have you pulling the duvet higher over your face?

It’s okay, even marathon runners have trouble getting into the swing of things, but as ASICS Ambassador Matilda Green (nee Rice) says, it’s all worth it for that post-workout feeling.   

Marathon runner, author and entrepreneur, Matilda says it’s natural to struggle with motivation when it’s cold in winter, but come summer, it’s time to put on your activewear and get out!

“I definitely struggle to push myself sometimes. It does take extra motivation to keep improving rather than doing the same runs or workouts all the time,” Matilda admits, but she’s got some tools under her belt.

With the days getting longer and the promise of summer in the air, we sat down with Matilda to hear her tips for charging up your summer training routine and find out her must-haves when it comes to women’s activewear.

It’s all about making it fun

For Matilda Green, training isn’t something to grit your teeth and ‘get through’, but something to enjoy! Make your workouts fun, and you may just start to look forward to them. So how does she make training fun?

Getting the right activewear

Matilda says when it comes to her fitness gear, comfort is number one. “I hate anything rubbing or digging in, which is why I love ASICS’ women’s sports clothing range. The fabrics are soft, but also breathable, so I don’t feel like I’m running in gladwrap!”

It’s not all about the technicalities though, and Matilda likes to have fun with her activewear. “There’s got to be a little aesthetic thrown in too. I love women’s activewear with cool colours and patterns like the ASICS Liberty Collection.”

Keeping your eyes on the prize

For Matilda, a big player in her motivation to train is keeping focussed on why she exercises: to feel good and keep her body working properly on the inside.

To help you keep your motivation close to the surface, it can help to put pen to paper:

It can be easy to focus on all the reasons why we DON’T want to train, especially from a warm and cosy bed, but Matilda’s take-home message is this: focus on the feeling training gives you, and get outside!

Whatever your summer training routine looks like, ASICS is passionate about supporting your fitness journey. Shop our new season apparel collection, including the Liberty Range, which pairs technology, comfort and style.