From the forwards to the backs, the ASICS rugby boot range is designed specifically for the on-field needs of your position. Get the power and stability you need to perform with our wide range of studded boots, and the speed and agility to beat defenders with our moulded range.

Performance and protection are the core-drivers in our boot design. Our boots are the first with HG10mm technology designed to reduce the load on the legs and back.

womens Tigreor


In recognition of the recent explosive growth in women’s football, the development team at ASICS revisited the shape and fit of one of our favourite boots with a focus on the female foot.

The women's LETHAL TIGREOR IT FF has all the benefits of its male counterpart, with the added benefit of an outsole constructed with SOLYTE POLYMER, allowing for a 'little give' in the shoe and additional comfort for the female player.


The Menace 3 is light, responsive and flexible. 

HGmm heel raise technology shifts your body mass forward, reducing strain on your lower limbs; while an injected nylon outsole and a microfibre upper keeps it nice and light.

The shorter studs allow for quicker release, making it hard for others to keep up; so you can be a menace on the field. 


We’ve seen a lot of injuries to lower limbs in recent years, across all codes and at all levels. To protect our players, we continue to improve our designs through development and research.

Our HG10mm technology helps to alleviate stress on the lower limbs. By increasing the heel gradient by 10mm, our boots shift the wearer forward in a position to engage the first metatarsal (or ball of the foot), - putting them in a more responsive position to take off, or change position; lessening the potential risk of injury.