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How to Dress for Your Outdoor Winter Run

OCT. 28, 2021
Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a good run each day.
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You just need to make a few adjustments to your wardrobe. Grab your favorite pair of ASICS, and take a look at what else you need to wear to keep warm while you run this winter.

50 Degrees and Higher

When the weather is over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you shouldn't need to make many adjustments to what you wear. Shorts and a short-sleeve base layer shirt that wicks moisture are sufficient. If it's rainy or you tend to stay cool, even when you're running, change out the shirt for a tank top and light weather-resistant jacket that you can take off if you get too warm.

Women stretching outside wearing outdoor gear

40 to 50 Degrees

If it's a little colder, between 40 and 50 degrees, a long-sleeve tech shirt and shorts or tights should suffice. You may also consider gloves at these temps, and you may want to wear a headband over your ears.

32 to 40 Degrees

When temperatures hover just above freezing, you'll need to make some more adjustments. A long-sleeve tech shirt and long tights are a must for most runners. If you tend to get hot, consider a short-sleeve base layer and a vest or light jacket you can remove if necessary. Add gloves and a hat or headband.

Three runners running on the snow in a field

Below Freezing

When temperatures dip below freezing, you'll need to take extra precautions. First, watch your local weather to find out if there are any warnings against being outdoors, especially when temperatures dip below 25.

Wear lined tights or tights that hold in warmth on your bottom half or a pair of tights with weatherproof pants, like track pants, over them. On top, start with a base layer and cover it with a long-sleeve insulating layer. Add a vest or weatherproof jacket. Gloves are a must, as is a hat or a headband that covers your ears.

Runner running outside in rain wearing a rain coat

What to Wear If It's Raining

You should always wear moisture-resistant clothing when you run, but if it's raining, snowing or sleeting, weatherproof gear is vital. If you're wearing layers, your top layer should definitely wick moisture away. This will help you control your body temperature. Compression shorts or tights can help prevent chafing if your legs get wet.

More Winter Wardrobe Tips for Runners

Keep in mind that some people run hotter and colder than others. According to Runner's World, if you're planning to run at an easy pace for a short period of time, adding 10 to 15 degrees to the actual temperature will give you an idea of what it will feel like outside when you're running. For longer or fast-paced runs, add about 20 degrees. Make sure you take the windchill into consideration.

Want more tips for dressing for a winter run? Check these out:

1. Always wear moisture-wicking socks made from wool or tech fabric. Keeping your feet dry when it's cold outside is important.

2. Many runners don't like wearing something on their head, but this can help keep you warm, especially if you cover your ears. If you don't like hats, try thermal headbands, bandanas or a ski mask.

3. Chapped lips and skin, especially on the face, are common problems for runners when it's cold outside. Add a layer of lip balm or petroleum jelly to your lips, nose and cheeks to prevent it.

4. Also, consider wearing sunscreen. The sun can still affect your body when it's cold outside.

5. No matter what you wear, dress in layers. Layers keep more body heat in, but you can also discard them when you get too warm.