Since the first running shoe developed by ASICS was released in 1977, the company has grown and developed right alongside the products. With over four decades of research, we’ve created a core range to help athletes and everyday runners around the world feel uplifted through movement and sport.

What are the ASICS Best Sellers?

Our favourites and yours, our best sellers are refined each year with the latest advances in high-performance technology. These classic ASICS shoes were developed through careful consumer-focused research—and have been impressing runners for decades.

“It all starts with our product design philosophy,” says AJ Andrassy, the Global Director of Performance Running Footwear at ASICS. “Following the example of our founder, Mr. Onitsuka, we put the consumer at the forefront of everything we do. This mindset has birthed the innovations we have today, and helped make the GEL-NIMBUS™, GEL-KAYANO™, GEL-CUMULUS™ and GT-2000™ the shoes they are today.


ASICS GEL-Kayano Running Shoe

First released in 1993, the GEL-KAYANO™ was designed to comfortably cover long distances for runners with overpronating feet. It’s also available in many different styles in both men’s and women’s sizes.

What makes the GEL-KAYANO™ shoe a best seller?

The GEL-KAYANO™ shoe is a powerful shoe. It’s considered an ASICS best seller because of its high performance ability. The GEL-KAYANO™ model features technology like FLYTEFOAM™ Blast cushioning in the midsole and the rearfoot as well as forefoot GEL™ cushioning.


ASICS GEL-Nimbus Running Shoe

The GEL-NIMBUS™ shoe was released in 1999. This shoe was created for neutral runners to supinators. The name NIMBUS comes from the term "cumulonimbus cloud," because of the shoe's properties of lightness and softness. This shoe was designed to provide extreme comfort without the weight of a heavy shoe. This shoe is available in men’s and women’s sizes.

What makes the GEL-NIMBUS™ shoe a best seller?

GEL-NIMBUS™ is considered a best seller because of its gender-specific forefoot, TRUSSTIC™ technology that helps to improve stability, and FLYTEFOAM™ Propel cushioning technology that increases impact absorption. Chris Campion, an ASICS FrontRunner member, says, “[The GEL-NIMBUS™ shoe] has always been there for me—it carries me through my long runs and my run commutes. We’ll be friends forever.”


ASICS GEL-Cumulus Running Shoe

Designed to be comfortable and soft for everyday use, the GEL-CUMULUS™ was launched in 1999 for neutral runners. The GEL-CUMULUS™ model is offered in both men’s and women’s sizes.

What makes the GEL-CUMULUS™ shoe a best seller?

The GEL-CUMULUS™ shoe is considered a best seller because of its GEL™ technology in the heel, the gender-specific 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION™ technology that will help to address different compression rates.

When FrontRunner member Federica Ronsivalle was asked which model has been a legend, she answered the GEL-CUMULUS™ shoe. “After a lot of generations, it's always a certainty for comfort and protection,” she says.


ASICS GT-2000 Running Shoe

The GT-2000™ shoe was first released in 1993 and developed for runners with overpronated feet, enabling them to comfortably cover long distances. Being designed for speed and distance, it’s a very light shoe, available in men’s and women’s sizes.

What makes the GT-2000™ shoe a best seller?

The GT-2000™ shoe is considered a best seller to the ASICS team because of the FLYTEFOAM™ technology cushioning and rearfoot and forefoot GEL™ technology cushioning. The result of this evolution is a comfortable yet high-performance shoe.

Make your running experience legendary

Here at ASICS, we follow the motto ‘Create quality lifestyle through intelligent sport technology’. Support your peak performance with our best sellers range, featuring our latest advances in high-performance running shoe technology. ASICS best sellers represent the end result of tireless research and development toward the goal of excellence, and we believe it’s the reason they’ve stood the test of time.

To find that perfect fit for your foot, we recommend visiting an ASICS stockist near you. You can also use our Shoe Finder Tool online to help find the right pair for you.