Set on becoming world champion at Kona, multi-sport athlete Braden Currie explores the effect his mentality has on his physical output for training and racing.

Learn more about the mental strategies he uses to tackle those gruelling training sessions and race days.

Diary 1:

As a multi-sport athlete with an enviable record over many disciplines and years, and an eye on becoming World Champion at Kona, Braden Currie understands the positive effect his mentality can have on his physical output for both training and racing. In this video diary series, he shares the various strategies he uses to get himself in the right headspace to approach some crazy training weeks and race days.

Diary 2:

Braden Currie gets into week 2 of his road to Kona and shares why he's focussed on the training process and maintaining a long-term outlook. Valuable lessons for anyone who's starting out on a journey towards a longer-term goal.

Diary 3:

During week 3 of his training roid Kona, Braden Currie faces an unexpected setback in training. Find out more about his challenge, what he learned, and how he's reframing his mindset to get back on track as quickly as possible. 

Diary 4:

Sometimes it's easy to go on autopilot and keep pushing hard physically when your mind is telling you that you're tired, but how do you know when your mind is right and you need a training break? In this short video diary, elite athlete Braden Currie shares why tuning into his mind and body as one can play a vital role in ensuring he focuses on quality over quantity.

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