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Netball. Nothing feels better.

ASICS Netball shoes give you the support you need to keep your focus on the court and are designed to allow you to pivot, change direction, jump, land, take off quickly and stop suddenly.​

The 2023 range is available in stores and online now.

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Netburner Shield FF


Play with confidence.

A highly protective and supportive shoe developed with University of Melbourne and designed with features to reduce knee loads during dynamic Netball movements.



Play with purpose.

The perfect balance of speed and stability to provide the ultimate control on court.

Netburner Ballistic FF 3

Ameliaranne Ekenasio ASICS Netball Ambassador
Gina Crampton ASICS Netball Ambassador


Move with Speed. 

Play with the fastest Netball shoe*​ The perfect balance of speed and stability to provide the ultimate control on court.​

Netburner Professional FF 3

*As of 1st February 2023 ASICS NETBURNER PROFESSIONAL FF 3 is the lightest Netball specific shoe compared with other Netball specific shoes available for sale in Australia & New Zealand.

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ASICS Netball Kids

Shop Kids Netball Shoes

ASICS Kids netball shoes are made for active kids. Built to last and provide comfort for growing feet.

ASICS kids netball shoes are fused with advanced technology to provide a lightweight and responsive ride on foot.

Q&A with Sharon Kearney

Tell us about the importance about wearing the right shoes for specific sport related activity? And how are ASICS Netball shoes different from wearing running shoes.

Sport specific shoes are designed with the unique requirements of your sport in mind and are an important way to protect yourself from injury and equip you to play to your potential. Regardless of sport it is important to seek the specific shoe that matches your sports demands.

ASICS Netball shoes are designed specifically for the unique requirements of netball. Features are designed to enhance stability and maximise shock absorption. Equipping the athlete for the repeated jump and landing demands. Which is particularly important on harder surfaces. Specific forefoot grooves promote efficient change of direction and agility. The shoes are also made with durability in mind, required for the repeat efforts made on court ensuring the shoe will last the netball season.

Can you tell us about how wearing incorrect footwear may cause injuries and how they can be avoided?

Incorrect footwear may be one of many factors, that leads to an increase in injury risk that otherwise could be avoided. These include (but not limited to) localised foot injuries (ie blisters, foot sprains) in addition to injuries further up the lower limb (shin pain, anterior knee pain) due to incorrectly loading these areas. Ensuring your specific foot posture is supported by your chosen shoe and taking the time to wear your shoes in are two ways risks can be reduced.

As mentioned previously, a running shoe simply is not designed to deal with the sudden movements and change of directions seen in the game of netball. Wearing anything other than a netball shoe on the court could potentially contribute to injury due to lack of stability, grip and overall protection.

What are some of the most common injuries you see with netball players and are they related to the incorrect footwear? If so, please elaborate?

The most common injuries in netballers are injuries to the lower limb, with the vast majority being injuries to ankles and knees. Rolling the ankle is a particularly common injury given the requirement to stop suddenly and change of direction many times per game. Wearing a shoe without sufficient lateral stability is one factor that may contribute to these injuries. Foot injuries and blisters are more common in congested tournament style play and while one of a number of factors, incorrect footwear may play a part in this. Being fitted correctly is also a critical factor to the shoe operating at its best for the athlete.

What are the key differences between Netball Shoes and Running Shoes?

Netball shoes are designed to work with the unique requirements of the sport, such as multi-directional movement. Whereas running shoes are only designed to work in a straight-line motion.

Netball shoes offer enhanced and tailored features of:

  1. Premium stability features in both the insole and outsole enhance control in landing and change of direction.
  2. Shock absorption provided by GEL™ technology maximises protection from the repeated impact loading required in the game of Netball.
  3. Forefoot grooves allows rapid change of direction enhancing the efficiency of agility and change of direction required on court.
How can Netball shoes improve my performance?

A netball shoe with forefoot flex groove technology, enhances efficiency when changing direction.

Improves speed and reactions through the Flytefoam midsole which promotes a spring in your step.

The stability features of the shoe, supports stability, control and confidence in landing in a stable body position. From this position you can quickly transition into the next movement.

I only play socially, do I really need netball shoes?

Netball shoes are recommended for all levels and potentially even more important socially when there may not be the same level of physical preparation to offer protection against injury. Having a supportive yet responsive shoe designed to enhance stability and protect against injury just makes sense and will also improve the confidence with which you move on court. Designed for durability a netball shoe will also withstand the repeated change of direction and jumping and landing far better than a running shoe ensuring they last for longer.

What feedback do you receive from players about netball shoes?

Our players want to play in netball shoes for numerous reasons, with the common top two responses being:

  1. Support my feet and lower limb and enhances my performance. My body is the 'tool of my trade' and it needs to be looked after.
  2. Durable, supports my foot and they last the distance during the multiple changes of direction and sudden stopping in the game of netball.

Which netball shoes are right for me?
Choosing the right netball shoes for you is going to depend on how you move on the court and what needs you have for your netball shoes.
ASICS netball shoes are built for different player characteristics, with different features to help you play at your best.