Trail Hero


Built with GEL technology to support off-road adventures our Trail Running Shoe collection has the toughness and security you need to feel comfortable and confident, no matter the terrain. 


Grippy and light with a design inspired by nature. The FUJITRABUCO Lyte gives you outstanding traction on wet rocks thanks to the ASICS grip outsole. Designed for full contact with the ground to keep you stable on different surfaces and a great forefoot flex to help you adapt to uneven terrain.


Experience comfort and durability in the elements. The GEL-FUJITRABUCO 8 delivers a smooth transition in every step while increasing stability. Its Rearfoot GEL technology helps absorb shock and alleviate your joints during harsh impact.

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DURABILITY - The biggest difference between trail running shoes and regular running shoes is durability. With thicker, more aggressive treads and soles, trail shoes are built to protect the foot and withstand tougher terrain while durable overlays resist abrasions that might occur from rocks and roots.

- Trail shoes are equipped with uphill and downhill tread to give you grip in either direction. Rugged outsoles allow you to grip the dirt and rocky surfaces you're stepping on, improving traction on uneven terrain or slippery surfaces.

- Our trail shoes have an inbuilt rock plate for underfoot protection from rocks and other objects. If your off-road running takes you through mud, streams and rocky rivers you'll benefit from trail shoes with GORE-TEX (GTX) technology, a breathable and protective coating designed to help keep your feet dry.

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