Whether you’re scrabbling up a rocky path or navigating a slippery slope, you need to know your footwear won’t let you down. ASICS trail running shoes for women give you the complete footwear for taking on even the toughest terrain. We’ve been producing trail running shoes for women for decades and know exactly what it takes to build footwear tailored for your sport. And that means you can run further, faster and fearlessly – without worrying about slipping, rubbing or twisting.

Our range of women’s trail running shoes are packed with features that make your run comfortable, safe and energised – and all in a stylish package. 

These ladies’ trail running shoes are built with strong, water resistant uppers meaning the weather will never hold you back. Many of our women’s hiking shoes and trail running shoes use Gore-Tex, the breathable but water resistant technology that keeps you dry without overheating.  

All of our trail running shoes for women come with tough lugs to give you extra grip over slippery, wet and uneven ground. ASICS trail running shoes for women have a lower drop than our women’s road running shoes, which gives you more control and stability. 

We’ve also built the most advanced comfort and protection features into our women’s trail shoes. Each pair includes our unique GEL™ technology cushioning, which provides excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact of rugged surfaces on your feet.

Read our trail running shoe guide for more information on which shoe would work best for you. 

Once you’ve chosen your ASICS trail running shoes, browse our women’s jackets and vests, as well as our trail running shorts, tights and leggings for the complete wardrobe. And don’t forget to choose a bag to carry your essentials.