Designed to be returned
The NIMBUS MIRAI™ shoe has been specially designed so it can be recycled at the end of its life. So please return them for recycling when you’re done.
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Designed to be recycled

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Single material upper.
Made from uniform recyclable polyester with no overlays to enable efficient disassembly.
Provides durable bond between sole and upper that can also be pulled apart easily for recycling.
Delivers soft and lasting cushioning, made from approximately 24% renewable sources such as leftovers from sugar cane processing.
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Circular ambition
At the end of its life, you can return your NIMBUS MIRAI™ shoe through our new returns program.
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Less lifecycle emissions
Each NIMBUS MIRAI™ will emit just 6.1kg of CO₂e across its lifecycle. That’s approximately 57% lower than industry average*.
  • Material – 4.1kg
  • Manufacturing – 0.7kg
  • Transport – 0.4kg
  • Use – 0.1kg
  • End-of-life – 0.8kg
*Assessed using ASICS’ carbon footprint methodology version 1.1 and the most comprehensive reporting available for industry average running shoes, conducted by MIT (report). Learn more about our calculation methodology (here).

The latest milestone in our sustainability journey

The NIMBUS MIRAI™ shoe is a major step on our goal to reach net-zero emissions by the year 2050.
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Our sustainability targets
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