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Shop gently worn running shoes by ASICS Road Tested

Shop our collection of used running and athletic shoes from our Road Tested Program. Available for both men and women, these gently worn shoes have been inspected, cleaned, and repurposed for the next athlete to enjoy. The same ASICS models you love, now at a discounted price.

Why should you choose to purchase used running shoes?

Purchasing used running shoes through our Road Tested Program is a great way to reduce waste and support our sustainability efforts for a sound earth. By taking gently used shoes and offering them at a discounted price, we are creating another opportunity for a runner to find a shoe that fits. We have also partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every pair of Road Tested shoes purchased.

What's the difference between ASICS Road Tested shoes and regular ASICS footwear?

When you purchase an ASICS Road Tested shoe, you are getting authentic ASICS footwear that has been returned due to sizing, color, fit, or other reasons. Our Road Tested shoes are thoroughly processed, cleaned, and sold at a discounted price so that they can find a new home with the next athlete. Nothing about the technology or functionality of the shoe has changed; it has just been given a second lap in an effort to reduce waste.

When shopping for used shoes, you may run the risk of injury from worn out cushioning and compromised shock absorption. Due to our thorough process of repurposing gently worn shoes, it is safe to buy used running shoes from our Road Tested Program. Unlike most used and worn out shoes, our running shoes are still in good condition and provide the same functionality that can be found in new ASICS footwear.

What is the average life of ASICS running shoes?

Similar to the tires on your car, your running shoes will need to be replaced after they reach a certain amount of mileage. It is hard to say how long this will take because every runner is different, but experts agree that running shoes will need to be replaced every 300 to 500 miles. Keeping track of your miles with the Runkeeper app is the easiest way to know when to retire your shoes.