What is pronation

Understanding your foot type.​

The guide to pronation and finding the right shoes.​

What is pronation?​

Pronation refers to the way your foot rolls inward for impact distribution when landing. Finding the right shoe for your foot type is key to running comfortably and avoiding injury.​

Over Pronation

What is Overpronation?​

Ground Contact: The outside of your heel lands first and your foot rolls inward excessively, putting weight on the inside of your foot.

​​Push-Off: Pressure is focused on your big and second toe.

​​Foot Type: Low arches or flat feet.​​Potential Injuries: Shin splints, plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs.​​Recommended Shoes: Shoes with structured support or cushioning.​

Under Pronation

What is Underpronation?

Ground Contact: When landing, the outside of your heel lands first at an increased angle with little to no rolling (pronation).

Push-Off: Pressure is focused on the outside of your foot and smaller toes.

Foot Type: High arches.

Potential Injuries: Shin splints, plantar fasciitis, ankle strain.

Recommended Shoes: Shoes with extra cushioning.​

Neutral runners

​What is a Neutral Foot Type?

Ground Contact: When landing, the outside of your heel lands first and rolls inward. ​

Push-Off: Pressure is evenly distributed from the front of your foot.​

Foot Type: Neutral.​

Potential Injuries: Injuries are less likely but neutral runners are not immune to injury.

Recommended Shoes: Most shoes are suitable.

How to Tell by Wear and Tear

Wear patterns can provide clues about how your foot absorbs impact. This can help you determine where your feet may need additional support and cushioning from your running shoes.

Ways to you can determine your pronation:

Video Gait Analysis: A video will be taken of your foot while you run on a treadmill. The footage is then slowed down and analyzed. A trained staff member can help explain your running type and select the right pair of shoes. You can learn more about the Gait Analysis here.

3D Foot Mapping: This uses layers to create a highly detailed image of your feet. It gathers a variety of information, such as arch height and Achilles alignment. It can be used to determine the right shoe for your foot type. 3D mapping is available at select ASICS stores.

Visit an ASICS Store for Guidance: You can receive individual product advice at any of our running stores. Trained staff members will be happy to assist you with fitting and special services. Find a store near you here.