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Whether you’re scrabbling up a rocky path or navigating a slippery slope, you need to know your trail running shoes can take the challenge. ASICS women’s trail running gear gives you the complete footwear for taking on even the toughest terrain. And that means you can run further, faster and fearlessly – without worrying about slipping, rubbing or twisting on a trail.

Our range of trail running shoes for women are packed with features that make your run comfortable, safe and energized – and all in a stylish package. ASICS trail running gear for women are built with strong, water resistant uppers meaning the weather will never hold you back. We’ve also chosen breathable materials to keep your feet cool and comfortable, plus their tough lugs will let you keep up the pace over even muddy, slippery ground.

For the complete outdoor athletic look, browse our women’s jackets and complete the best outfit for the trails.