Men's Trail Running Gear (118)

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The rockiest, muddiest, slipperiest paths have just met their match. ASICS’ men’s trail running gear gives you the ultimate footwear for taking on whatever the toughest terrain throws at you. We’ve designed men’s trail running shoes to give you complete confidence as you leap and sprint over a range of unpredictable surfaces, and that means you can focus on your trail running – not on worrying about twists and slips.

Our range of trail running shoes for men incorporates cutting edge features to help you navigate unforgiving routes. We’ve packed in special features such as extra-sized lugs for more support, GEL for boosted comfort, and tough uppers giving you the greatest support, all in a lightweight and stylish package.  ASICS also offers a wide range of running and sports apparel to keep you cool and comfortable as you take on the outdoors.

If you’re trail running in winter or the rain, check out our Gore-Tex water-resistant gear to keep you dry, and explore our trail running accessories to max out your look.