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Running Shoes Advice and Options

October 20, 2021

Find out which ASICS running shoes are right for you according to your running style and pronation type with our running shoes guide.

In our core range, there are four different categories of ASICS running shoes: cushioning, stability, trail/off-road and speed. The right running shoe for you can be determined by how you run, where you run and the type of running that you do.

running shoes
  • Cushioning (neutral running shoes)

Cushioning running shoes are generally lighter weight and are designed to help you through your gait cycle in a natural way while providing cushioning and comfort throughout. They are built on a curved last (mould) to encourage faster movement and are great for neutral foot types. If you are an underpronator/supinator (where the foot rolls too far outward) or neutral runner with good natural support, then you’re likely to be best served by a shoe from the ASICS cushioning range like the GEL-NIMBUS ™ or GEL-CUMULUS ™.

Read our guide to pronation to find out what pronation type you are and why it matters.


Our stability running shoes provide additional support. Within our stability range, we have structured cushioning running shoes that are built on a straight or semi-curved last. They provide greater ground contact and offer an optimum blend of cushioning and support to protect you during your run. They are well suited to overpronators who have poor natural support.

We also have running shoes that provide even more stability. They are designed for severe overpronators with very poor natural support. They are our most supportive and stable running shoes and are built on a straight last for maximum ground contact stability like our GEL-KAYANOor GT-2000 ™ range.

Trail Running Shoes
  • Trail/Off-Road (trail running shoes)

When running off-road, the number one benefit that runners want from their shoes is grip. After that comes increased protection and specific trail running features. Our trail running shoes feature increased grip, provide more protection and have thicker midsoles for more comfort. They can also be waterproof, flexible and lightweight, depending on the type of trail running that you do and the shoe you choose.

If your goal is to run faster, either for your training, interval runs or when competing in a race, then the ASICS range of fast running shoes is the collection for you. These high performance running shoes are lightweight and durable while still providing enough cushioning and support to keep you comfortable and stable throughout your run.

Powerful toe springs provide extra forward propulsion and a quicker roll through the gait. Combine that with energetic foam that delivers more energy return and a breathable upper mesh and you’ll be able to set the pace.

Which ASICS technologies should you look for?

Our running shoes within these four categories feature different ASICS technologies. These technologies will benefit you in many ways, for example, by making you more comfortable and improving your running efficiency.

These are some of the ASICS technologies that feature in our running shoes along with the unique benefits they provide:

DYNAMIC DUOMAX™ - DUOMAX™reduces stress on the foot caused by overpronation and provides extra support for a more comfortable run. This evolution of DUOMAX™ system enhances stability and support, with reduced weight and increased platform comfort.

FLYTEFOAM™ - FLYTEFOAM™ technology is at the heart of the ASICS cushioning foams. We use different versions of FLYTEFOAM™ to provide specific benefits. That includes:

  • FLYTEFOAM™ - Our standard high performance foam delivers more bounce and is 55% lighter than the industry average.
  • FLYTEFOAM PROPEL™ - Our best cushioning and most durable foam combines a lightweight foam and high energy return for increased bounce and an unrivalled spring off your toes.
  • FLYTEFOAM BLAST™ - This even more lightweight foam offers a bouncy, soft and energetic ride and has an unbeatable softness to durability ratio.
  • FLYTEFOAM BLAST TURBO™ - The lightest and most energetic foam we have ever created. It will help you break your PB and delivers the maximum energy return.

AHAR™ - ASICS High Abrasion resistant rubber can better withstand abrasion while running to improve the durability of your shoes and provide excellent grip.

LITETRUSS™- this support system offers medial support without use of a traditional medial post.

GEL™ Technology - ​​Shock attenuating material placed in the midsole of the shoe for excellent cushioning and shock absorption.

GUIDANCE TRUSSTIC SYSTEM™ - This TRUSSTIC SYSTEM™ technology integrates guidance line® construction for enhanced running efficiency while providing midfoot structural integrity.

GUIDESOLE™ Technology - The curved sole design of our GUIDESOLE™ technology reduces ankle flexion and provides a shock-absorbent landing zone to reduce loads on the foot.

ASICSGRIP™ Outsole - ASICS proprietary outsole rubber provides high grip on various terrain, without compromising durability.

ASICS running shoes for men and women also feature some gender-specific technologies. That includes:

  • 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION™ - This technology helps runners to engage better with the foam while providing a softer feel underfoot. It helps female runners appropriately engage the midsole and male runners to compress a specific area that leads to better compression of the material at footstrike.
  • SPACE TRUSSTIC SYSTEM™ - We have created a gender-specific SPACE TRUSSTIC SYSTEM™ that provides the female foot with the right level of support and flexibility as it moves through the gait cycle.
  • Gender-Specific Forefoot Cushioning - It gives female runners greater impact absorption and more bounce to make our running shoes more comfortable for women to run in.

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