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Movement makes you feel alive, brings you new experiences and connects you to other people. At ASICS, we make footwear and apparel inspired by you and designed to keep you moving—whether for fun, fitness or competition. This is your place to find ASICS stories, inspiration and motivation from the world of movement.

ASICS Design Philosophy

Our product innovation makes movement feel better, in body and mind. Our founding philosophy - Sound Mind in a Sound Body - is reflected in everything we do.

The Four Pillars of the ASICS Design Philosophy

User Testing

ASICS elite athletes test our products throughout development, taking them from our lab to the world's most competitive stages.

ASICS' relentless focus on human-centric design ensures our products meet athletes' physical and mental needs.


Better performance, driven by science.

The ASICS Institute of Sport Science stands at the forefront of research and technology. We analyse form, movement, materials and design through human-centric science.


Kaizen means ‘continuous improvement,’ which is the very basis for the ASICS Design Philosophy.

For over 70 years, we’ve identified problems, analysed processes and measured results. This approach helps us continually improve and redefine ASICS sportswear with industry-leading technology.


90% of all new ASICS running shoes contain recycled material. We’ll continue to assess our materials, production and processes to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050.

Apps to keep you moving



Reach your running goals thanks to expert training plans and progress insights—all in the Runkeeper app.


Get the fitness class experience from the palm of your hand with the ASICS Studio™ app, featuring trainer-led audio workouts in strength training, cardio and more.