Your crew represents the best of both worlds. They provide a shining example of what it means to have power in numbers, whether it’s sharing a laugh over a meal or out creating together. These shared passions and interests are the foundation of amazing bonds and experiences. The ASICS GEL-1130™ is a representation of this all. A long-standing ASICS classic, this former performance workhorse rallies people together and uplifts peers and communities. It’s what provides you with the confidence to tackle whatever comes the crew’s way.

OnLunchBreak and Sabukaru crews both believe in the comfort and support that the GEL-1130™ gives to their ways of creating, connecting and growing. They are examples of bonds that have been formed through experiences and they encapsulate what the GEL-1130™ stands for.



ONLUNCHBREAK (@onlunchbreak) is a multidisciplinary group of creatives who stop at nothing to serve the community and highlight the amazing feats of human bravery and talent around them. Based out of New York, the crew’s diversity creates a powerful chemistry that cannot be bought. Their infectious energy translates into their interpretation of the GEL-1130, as they showcase what it means to make the best of any situation.


SABUKARU ( is a digital publication based out of Tokyo. It comprises a group of eclectic creators who are constantly on the pursuit of new stories. They bring to light the untold process and vision of creativity across Japan’s unique subcultures. The GEL-1130™ accompanied the crew alongside a day of exploration. Their spots and locales off the beaten path are part of their endless source of inspiration and like the GEL-1130™, the path is best traveled in crew.

GEL 1130 Sabukaru


GEL 1130 OLB
On Lunch Break
GEL1130 Sabukaru
Gel 1130
A timeless icon


Gel 1130

Christy & Kacy

Talk about squad goals! Rising co-stars Christy and Kacy from upcoming web-series Heartbeat 100 show us how they turn it up together in the GEL-1130™.

Gel 1130

Chasing Daylight

Having just released their latest single, Tragedy, see how members from local alt-rock band, Chasing Daylight step into new sonic territories in their GEL-1130™.

Gel 1130

Tippling Club

Known for pushing extremes in gastronomy with their ultra-progressive cuisine and world-class cocktails, the crew behind Tippling Club brings the same energy to their take on the GEL-1130™.