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A Guide to ASICS Best Running Shoes

For over 60 years, ASICS has been developing, designing and producing performance running shoes for runners around the world ‒ from professional marathoners to everyday joggers.

At the core of the ASICS brand is a commitment to developing the very best in performance sportswear and footwear technology.

By using innovative design, cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, we’re continuing to develop the best running shoes that meet the needs of all types of runners ‒ improving support, performance and the overall running experience.

We understand that every runner has different needs, whether it be your pronation style, foot type, or training method. To help you choose the best running shoe for you, we’ve put together a helpful guide to our most popular ASICS running shoes and trail shoes for tougher terrain.


ASICS flagship shoe model, the GEL-KAYANO utilises the best of ASICS shoe technology and design. The GEL-KAYANO is built with the latest performance technology. The incorporation of FlyteFoam materials gives the shoe an ultra-lightweight and supportive feel with exceptional cushioning to give you ultimate comfort and performance.  

Designed for: Runners who are looking for support and cushioning with a light-weight feel.

Gait cycle: Heel striker, low cadence, over strikes, lands heavily.

Kayano 30


Known as the shoe made for every runner, the GEL-NIMBUS has been an ASICS favourite for the past 25 years and is the most lightweight and cushioned model yet. Designed mainly for neutral runners and under-pronators, the GEL-NIMBUS offers the latest and greatest in PureGEL™ technology while incorporating more room in the toe area and flex and support in the midsole.

Designed for: Runners who want extra cushioning and support.

Gait cycle: Heel striker, low cadence, over strides, lands heavily.


The GEL-CUMULUS is a reimagining of the much-loved model, with an emphasis on weight reduction whilst maintaining performance and ride. Designed for the softest landings and an even more energetic toe-off, runners also get a smooth transition no matter where they land. Featuring all-new PureGEL™ technology and FF BLAST™ PLUS cushioning. 90% of the polyester in the engineered mesh upper is made from recycled materials.

Designed for: Runners looking for enhanced cushioning.

Gait cycle: Heel/midfoot striker, quick cadence, efficient stride, lands smoothly.



Run longer while using less energy with the new EVORIDE SPEED. With a smooth forward roll the EVORIDE SPEED is designed for the runner who prioritises a responsive forefoot. The EVORIDE SPEED is comfortable, lightweight, and provides a soft, smooth ride with FF BLAST™ cushioning in the midsole. 

Designed for: Runners that want to run faster with an effortless cushioned feel underfoot.

Gait cycle: Forefoot/midfoot striker, quick cadence, efficient stride, lands smoothly.


An iconic running shoe, the GT-2000 offers a light-weight and responsive running shoe to support your movement. In the GT-2000 FlyteFoam and SpEVA Foam technology provides a lightweight feel, while the upper offers a better heel fit and spring for a smoother transition whilst keeping you supported through the entire gait cycle.

Designed for: Runners who are looking for support and responsiveness in their shoe.

Gait cycle: Heel striker, quick cadence, efficient stride, lands quietly.



Featuring a trampoline effect outsole the NOVABLAST provides soft landings and an energetic rebound. FF BLAST™ PLUS cushioning in the midsole helps create a lighter and more responsive feel underfoot. A tongue wing construction in the upper helps improve fit while reducing tongue movement. This component is reinforced with a more supportive heel design to help guide the foot with added control through the gait cycle. Ideal for tempo runs, recovery runs, or shorter race day events. 

Designed for: Runners looking for a lightweight, responsive, energised trainer for distance training and recovery runs. 

Gait cycle: Heel to mid-foot striker, efficient stride.


Available in two models, the METASPEED SKY+ with energy directed horizontally for the style of a stride runner, and the METASPEED EDGE+ with energy directed vertically and forward for the style of a cadence runner. Featuring a full-length carbon plate positioned for each specific running style. FF BLAST™ TURBO is the lightest and bounciest midsole material yet. MOTION WRAP™ mesh offers a lightweight upper with advanced breathability and comfort.

Designed for: Athletes looking for extreme energy return and lightness to help reach a new PB.

Gait cycle: Mid-foot striker, wanting to go fast with every stride.



Packed with Flytfoam technology the KAYANO LITE provides ultimate lightweight underfoot comfort with a softer midsole and cushioning. A wider base provides more surface area for a stable landing and toe-off while the flared geometry of the midsole offers added support. This shoe is also eco-friendly with a mix of sustainable and recycled materials used to create the upper mesh.
Designed for:
Runners who value a lightweight, soft, but stable ride.
Gait cycle:
Midfoot/forefoot striker, quick efficient cadence, lands smoothly and closer to their centre of mass.


Made with recycled materials for a more eco-friendly shoe along with making it lightweight, breathable, and durable. Internal rear and forefoot gel add improved shock absorption while providing a fluent and comfortable ride. An increased surface area in contact with the ground provides a smoother footstrike to toe-off transition.
Designed for:
Runners seeking a lightweight cushioned ride.
Gait cycle:
Midfoot/forefoot striker, quick cadence, efficient stride, lands smoothly.

ASICS GEL-NIMBUS Lite Running Shoe
GT-1000 12


Designed for the runner with an active lifestyle seeking a lightweight everyday trainer with excellent cushioning. Functional for those who require more room in their footwear, the width in this model is wider to provide a more accommodating fit. The overpronated foot type need maximum support, structured cushioning, and stability. The GT-1000 is an ideal shoe for this type of runner.

Designed for: The runner who prioritises support and cushioning.

Gait cycle: Heel striker, low cadence, over strides, lands heavily.


The GT-4000 incorporates two legendary support ASICS shoes into one (GT-3000 and Gel-Foundation). This updated model provides a highly stable and supportive ride with new tooling that carries SpEVA foam and Flytefoam. The support is extended in the midfoot to provide a supportive platform throughout the entirety of the gait cycle. The upper has been refined to further improve the fit and overall running experience.

Designed for: Runners who need extra support throughout the gait cycle

Gait cycle: Heel striker, low cadence, lands heavily, hypermobile foot through gait cycle.

ASICS GT-4000 Running Shoe
ASICS GT-2000 SX Walking Shoe

GT-2000 SX

Designed specifically with the fitness walker in mind, the GT-2000 SX features forefoot and rearfoot GEL along with softer density Flytefoam for a more buoyant feel. The mesh upper provides breathable four-way strength and a full rubber outer sole adds better durability for walking than a standard running shoe.

Designed for: Walkers who appreciate responsive support and stability.

Gait cycle: Heel striker, low/medium cadence, efficient stride, lands quietly.



Designed for the recreational trail runner who appreciates cushioning and support the GEL-TRABUCO is suitable for a range of distances and trail surfaces. The high-density extreme lugs on the outsole enhance stability and traction to keep you protected on any terrain. Rearfoot GEL provides improved shock absorption aiding in a more fluid and comfortable run. 

Designed for: Runners looking to conquer a range of terrain and who appreciate support and responsiveness.

Gait cycle: Heel striker, low cadence, efficient stride, lands smoothly.

ASICS GEL-TRABUCO Trail Running Shoe
ASICS TRABUCO MAX Trail Running Shoe


This all-purpose trail shoe provides comfort, support, and protection for every distance and natural terrain. Grip technology in the TRABUCO MAX outsole boosts traction over loose dirt, wet rocks, or varying surfaces. A midsole with High Stack Flytefoam makes for improved shock absorption on rocks and roots whilst remaining lightweight.

Designed for: Runners that want maximum cushioning that still provides an easy-rolling motion for the short or long off-road runs.
Gait cycle:
Heel/midfoot striker, low cadence, efficient stride, lands smoothly.


Designed to increase traction on muddy surfaces, the FUJI LITE trail running shoe features a greater percentage of recycled textiles for the upper construction, and a reshaped FLYTEFOAM™ midsole for lightweight shock absorption to propel your stride forward.

Designed for: The trail athlete to tackle a range of terrain (like loose dirt and wet rocks) at a faster pace.

Gait cycle: Forefoot/midfoot striker, quick cadence, efficient stride, lands smoothly.

Fuji Lite
ASICS GT-2000 GTX Running Shoe

GT-2000 GTX

Strategically constructed to handle the unexpected conditions of trails, the GT-2000 GTX running shoe is equipped with a Gore-Tex waterproof upper, premier cushioning and traction features to navigate the road less travelled in comfort. Lugged outsole surface area improves the stability and traction of the platform for increased grip on loose and slippery surfaces while providing a smooth feel underfoot on the trail. 

Designed for: Runners who appreciate support and responsiveness with traction. 

Gait cycle: Heel/midfoot striker, quick cadence, efficient stride, lands quietly.

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