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When she moves, she breathes.
In a world where stress and anxiety are at record levels, particularly for women, nothing frees our minds like exercise. Because when we move, we breathe.


​Everyone should feel free to experience the positive mental benefits that exercise brings. But the reality is different.

ASICS’ 2022 State of Mind Index revealed that women don’t exercise as much as men and, as a result, have lower State of Mind scores. 
In 2023, with input from thousands of people around the world, we will explore the barriers that prevent women from exercising and how to tackle them.

We believe nothing feels better than catching your breath to clear your mind and recharge, whether that’s through running, playing tennis or working out in the gym.​ Our new Women’s Collection is designed for women by women to find inner calm through mindful movement.

The NAGINO™ Collection

Our latest Women’s Collection is here to enable you achieve calm through mindful movement. Each piece is purposefully crafted to inspire body confidence and enable women to move freely and undistracted. Functional performance features meet soft materials for a comfortable feel.