ASICS Athlete Gwen Jorgensen announced that she would run the New York Marathon right after winning the triathlon in Rio. Gwen had the desire to run a marathon for years.  She wanted to do something that wasn’t planned and an event that she was not training to run.  Her motivation was to do an event everyone else runs: A fun Sunday run - something unique where you can go out and challenge yourself without expectations.  For Gwen, this challenge was the marathon.


The marathon is different from the triathlon. There are three different sports and during the event the mind is always changing.  The transition from swim, to bike, to run always brings something new. With the marathon, the run is basically from one end to the other.  During the race, Gwen experienced a lot of solo running on the course and that takes a completely different mind state.


Post race, Gwen wanted her performance to be better.  It was hard because she didn’t have a goal time. The marathon was a goal that she wanted to achieve and her disappointment is what makes her a great competitor and athlete; Gwen Jorgensen always wants to be better.


Gwen and her husband wanted to start a family. In addition, competing in Tokyo 2020 is a goal. It’s a lot to do in 4 years.  Her plan is ambitious.  This is what Gwen wants to do and she is focused on seeing what is possible.


Gwen began training while pregnant. The training regime has been altered quite a bit and Gwen joked that it may be more like exercising. Every morning when Gwen woke up, she saw how she felt and went from there.  Fast forward, Gwen and her husband welcomed their son into their family.


The goal to reach Tokyo 2020 is now is in Gwen’s sight. 

Gwen Jorgensen