Getting running shoes that are perfectly suited to your body type and running style sets you up for a lifetime of running. Ask yourself a few questions before using our shoe finder to find your pair.

How far do you want to run?

Are your eyes set on a marathon? If so, you should be looking for a lot of cushioning and comfort. You also need to think about the high mileage when you’re in training. Good comfort makes sticking to your running plan easier and much more enjoyable.

What terrain are you going to run on?

You wouldn’t take a sports car off road. In the same way, you wouldn’t want to do trail running in a pair of road shoes. There are shoes designed for beginners across all types of running – from trails to track.

You should also think about the kind of weather you’ll be running in – shoes with good grip will keep your feet secure when it’s raining or you’re out on icy roads.

What’s your pronation level?

Pronation is entirely normal, and it describes the amount your foot rolls inward as you run.

But if you overpronate – where your foot rolls inwards too far – you’ll need a shoe that helps correct your running style and supports you all the way.

What is your foot shape?

If your feet are slightly wider or narrower than standard – don’t worry. You won’t have to force your foot in a shoe that doesn’t fit. Instead, you can search by shoe width to prevent blisters or injury.

To learn more about pronation, come visit our pronation guide and shop our wide selection of pronation running shoes today!

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