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Best HIIT Running Workouts for Beginners

Best HIIT Running Workouts for Beginners

December 13, 2023

Discover four HIIT running workouts you can implement into your workout routine today. Learn about the benefits to your health and running performance.

Best HIIT Running Workouts for Beginners

Compared to a typical run for mileage or time, HIIT running alternates between high- and low-intensity running for several repetitions. The object of this training is to get your heart rate up and then down again, which creates a number of benefits. HIIT running can be a great way to build cardiovascular fitness, get in a high-intensity workout with limited time, and burn fat and calories. Improved stamina and muscular endurance can have significant carryover to your runs. Here are a few HIIT running workouts that you can add to your workout routine.

HIIT Running Workouts to Get You Started

Optimally, you want to perform HIIT running exercises at the threshold of 80% to 90% of your maximum heart rate. For the rest periods, you should maintain a level of low-intensity movement, like walking or jogging, to lower your heart rate and prepare for the next round of highly intense exercise. Aim to add HIIT to your training routine two to three times per week.

ASICS Short Interval Running Training

Short Interval


For this workout, warm up for five to 10 minutes. Start your HIIT run with a sprint for 30 seconds, then take your rest period as jogging for 60 seconds. You can alternate this for five to six rounds and do some light jogging for 5 minutes to cool down.

ASICS Sprint Interval Training

Sprinting Interval


For this workout, do some sort of warmup, jogging, or mobility work for five to 10 minutes and alternate between a 30-second sprint and walking for 45 seconds. For a challenging sprint workout, you can repeat this up to eight times.

ASICS HIIT Running Workout Training

4x4 Intervals


This method of HIIT running was created by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It starts off again with a warmup, then alternates between a one-minute sprint and three minutes of walking or jogging done four times. To cool down, you should do some light running or jogging for another five to 10 minutes.

Tabata Workout


This workout is 20 seconds of high-intensity running or sprinting and 10-second rest periods. You repeat this eight times and cool down with some light running or jogging. You can change how many rounds you do based on your level of conditioning and taking into account your total training volume throughout the week.

ASICS HIIT Running Workout Benefits

Additional Benefits of HIIT Running


After you’ve done a HIIT running workout, your metabolism will be boosted for a few hours post-run. HIIT training really does a great job of waking up the entire body, working out your muscles, lungs, heart, and digestion. Since HIIT is also highly intense and requires near-maximal effort, you will likely notice increased strength and muscle mass — both due to the nature of the workouts and because you also might be leaner from this type of exercise.


HIIT boosts your running economy, which is how you’re absorbing oxygen in relation to your running speed. HIIT will increase your capacity to use oxygen in your muscles and all over the body, which can have a significant impact on your performance in the sport of running.


With all of these benefits of HIIT, you should consider adding a HIIT day into your routine, or up to three a week. If your current training schedule is only running-centric workouts, it may be a good idea to substitute one of these days with a HIIT-style run or workout. Make sure you are also implementing the proper amount of rest days and taking recovery seriously.

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