What is the GEL-RESOLUTION™ tennis shoe?

The GEL-RESOLUTION™ model is a stability tennis shoe that's designed to help you experience better stability on the court. Featuring several different ASICS technologies, the GEL-RESOLUTION™ shoe provides advanced stability and cushioning for players who like to control the game from the baseline.

What are the GEL-RESOLUTION™ tennis shoes good for?

The GEL-RESOLUTION™ tennis shoe is made for competitive players who require good stability in order to cover the baseline. This shoe is designed to allow for more powerful swings and quicker recoveries. If your playing style requires a strong, stable, and supportive tennis shoe, consider the GEL-RESOLUTION™ collection.

What's the latest GEL-RESOLUTION™ model?

The GEL-RESOLUTION™ 9 shoe for men and women is the latest model in the GEL-RESOLUTION series. Released in January 2023, the newly redesigned GEL-RESOLUTION™ 9 model can provide better stability during lateral movements and more support while making quick transitions.

What new features are included in the GEL-RESOLUTION™ 9 shoe?

The GEL-RESOLUTION™ 9 model features some updated ASICS technologies that help improve the shoe's stability and cushioning. DYNAWRAP™ technology in the eyestay has been redesigned to provide a locked-in feeling for extra support while making quick transitions.

DYNAWALL™ technology in the midsole has been extended into the heel for additional stability while making lateral movements. This is important for players who find themselves running back and forth in order to cover both sides of the baseline.

Lastly, the GEL-RESOLUTION™ 9 shoe comes with a segmented outsole which helps create more stable landings. This results in a quicker recovery time in between shots, which is essential for players with a baseline playing style.