GLIDERIDE™ running shoes are designed to help you run longer while expending less energy. Using a combination of FLYTEFOAM® Propel technology and GEL® technology cushioning, the GLIDERIDE™ model reduces the muscle load at foot strike, while a dynamically curved sole and stiff forefoot help to create the sensation of forward propulsion while increasing running efficiency and reducing the movement of the ankle joint.

With all the technological advancements in the midsole foam and last shape, it would be easy to overlook the upper of the GLIDERIDE™ model. However, with its sleek design, extreme comfort and secure heel and forefoot, the upper is high-performance and lightweight. 

GLIDERIDE™ running shoes are able to handle heavy mileage and provide excellent shock absorption on any surface. These characteristics combine to give runners an experience that has to be felt to be believed, allowing you to conserve energy for more efficient runs. 

The GLIDERIDE™ model is made for neutral pronators. Other shoes in our ‘Neutral’ range include: EVORIDE™, METARIDE® and GEL-CUMULUS®. Just browse our range and order online.