Shop GT-2000 11 stability running shoes.

Shop GT-2000™ 11 stability trainer designed for durable performance and all distances

The new GT-2000™ 11 shoe is an everyday stability trainer designed to offer improved support and performance, regardless of how far you're running. Step into the GT-2000™ 11 shoe and experience the comfortable, energized ride you've been looking for.

What's the difference between GT-2000™ 11 and GT-2000™ 10?

The GT-2000™ 11 shoe incorporates FF BLAST™ foam technology in the midsole, helping to promote softer landings and a more responsive rebound. LITETRUSS™ technology is positioned on the inside of the midsole to improve stability. The new GT-2000™ 11 shoe also features a breathable mesh upper, making it the most comfortable and energetic GT-2000™ model yet.

What type of runner is the GT-2000™ 11 stability running shoe suitable for?

The GT-2000™ 11 shoe is a daily trainer that offers more stability than neutral running shoes, making it a great choice for runners who need maximum support, structured cushioning and enhanced comfort. For runners with a more neutral pronation, the GEL-KAYANO® model and GEL-NIMBUS® model are both excellent options.