About GT-4000™ stability running shoes

The GT-4000™ model is one of the most stable running shoes that ASICS has to offer. With features that emphasize support and cushioning, this series is designed to create a smoother, more balanced stride for overpronators.

What type of runner is the GT-4000™ shoe made for?

The GT-4000™ model is made for overpronators who are in need of additional stability on their runs. This cushioned running shoe is durable and can withstand plenty of miles while still providing the support you need.

If you find yourself running frequently and need a shoe to help balance your stride, the GT-4000™ series is an excellent choice. You can also check out our Stability line for other great options, such as the GEL-KAYANO™ 29 running shoe.

What's the latest GT-4000™ model?

The latest model in the GT-4000™ series is the GT-4000™ 3 running shoe. Featuring several new technologies and design updates, this version of the GT-4000™ offers even more stability and comfort.

What are the new features for the GT-4000™ 3 shoe?

The GT-4000™ 3 cushioned running shoe features an engineered mesh upper that's designed with a brushed texture. This helps to improve comfort and allow for additional airflow.

The beveled sole and flex grooves extend from the heel-to-toe in the GT-4000™ 3 model, helping create a smoother transition for your stride. Additionally, the LITETRUSS™ technology in the shoe's midsole increases support to help reduce pronation. This offers overpronators a more balanced stride and a smoother feel underfoot.