Running Shoes

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A Guide to Kids Running Shoes

A Guide to Running Shoes for Kids

BY ASICS | Aug 14, 2023
Man and woman running at night.

Tips for Running at Night

BY ASICS | May 15, 2022
ASICS Shoe Technology PureGEL

What Is ASICS’ GEL™ technology?

BY ASICS | Feb 06, 2022
How Should Running Shoes Fit

How Should Your Running Shoes Fit?

BY ASICS | Dec 01, 2021
ASICS NZ Edo Era Tribute Pack

Introducing the Edo Era Tribute Pack

BY ASICS | Jun 07, 2020
Choosing the Right Running Shoe

Choose Well, Run Well

BY ASICS | Feb 10, 2020
How to Train For A Marathon


How to train for a marathon

BY ASICS | May 01, 2018
Trail Running Shoes


Do I need trail running shoes?

BY ASICS | Apr 08, 2018


Sep 20, 2017