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The ASICS Glossary

November 15, 2022

Your one-stop-shop to learn more about running and shoe terminology.

We will be the first to admit that when it comes to shoes, running and exercise, there are a lot of words and phrases that may seem confusing or entirely new. Whether it is a piece of ASICS tech, running terminology or parts of shoes, find out what they mean and how it relates to you.

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All Winter Long (AWL)

All Winter Long is an ASICS-specific designation for shoes that are water-resistant and have high-reflective accents to help increase visibility in low-light conditions.

Related terms: GORE-TEX™

All Winter Long shoes: GEL-KAYANO® 28 AWL , GEL-VENTURE™ 8 AWL


A midsole design that features a single layer of cushioning that offers additional stack height and cushioning while maintaining a lightweight.

ASICS All Winter Long


Footstrike is the point at which the foot impacts the ground. Midsoles and outsoles are designed to help during the moment of footstrike to absorb shock and assist in rebound.


When running or walking, gait refers to the cycle your legs travel through. This includes stride lengths, stride cadence and pronation. Understanding your gait can help you determine what shoes are suitable for you.

Related terms: Pronation, overpronation, underpronation, neutral pronation

GEL™ Technology

GEL™ is technology developed by ASICS to reduce impact, increase shock absorption, and is strategically placed for maximum comfort. GEL™ technology can be found in the fore- and rearfoot in shoes featuring this technology.

Shoes to check out: GEL-NIMBUS® 24 , GEL-KAYANO® 29 , GEL-CUMULUS® 24



Shoes featuring GORE-TEX™ technology are built to be more water resistant to help in wet conditions.

Related terms: All Winter Long

The GORE-TEX™ Collection

Heel Counter

The heel counter is a piece of material built around the heel to hold it securely to help with stability while running or walking. The heel counter may be internal or external, external heel counters are easy to spot when looking at a shoe.

Shoes with a heel counter: GEL-KAYANO® 29

Heel Drop

The height difference between the heel and the forefoot in a shoe. Measured in millimeters, in running shoes it typically ranges from 0 to 14mm. A flat shoe has a 0mm drop. Higher measurements signify higher heels. Shoes with larger heel drops offer more cushioning under the heel.

Los Angeles Marathon (LAM)

Annual marathon in Los Angeles, California that occurs in the spring. ASICS products that feature “LAM” in its product name or description refers to it being in a special collection for that year’s marathon.

The Los Angeles Marathon Collection


LITE-SHOW™ is an ASICS collection that is characterized by bright colors and reflective features that may help increase visibility in low-light conditions.

LITE-SHOW™ products

Lite Show


The midsole is located between the outsole and the upper, the midsole features cushioning like the ASICS GEL™ technology and other features that help with stability and impact absorption.

Related terms: Outsole, upper


ASICS shoes with the mono-sock® feature have an elastic internal sleeve which replaces a traditional tongue providing a "sock-like" fit.

Mono-sock shoes: GEL-KAYANO® 28 MK , GEL-CUMULUS® 23 MK

MX, MK, Knit

MX, MK and knit designations refer to ASICS shoes that have a mesh on the upper of the shoe that is made with a different fabric. It is softer and may be more comfortable for casual wear.

ASICS Knit Shoes

Knit Shoe

Neutral Pronation

When the foot lands, the outside of the heel lands first and rolls forward and inward. Pressure is evenly distributed in the front of the foot.

Get a better understanding of pronation in the ASICS Pronation Guide

Related terms: Pronation, overpronation, underpronation

Omni-court (OC)

Omni-court tennis shoes are suitable for all types of courts, grass, clay and hard.

OC tennis shoes: COURT FF™ 2 OC


The outsole is the bottom of the shoe that contacts the ground. Outsoles are crucial for maintaining traction and how soft a shoe feels.

Related terms: Upper, midsole


When the foot lands, the outside of the heel lands first and the foot excessively rolls inward, putting weight on the inside of the foot. Pressure is then focused on the inside of the foot and the big and second toe.

Get a better understanding of pronation in the ASICS Pronation Guide

Related terms: Pronation, neutral pronation, underpronation


The rolling of the foot as it lands on the ground in each step and rolls forward from the heel to the toes or forefoot. How the foot rolls determines if a runner is a neutral pronator, overpronator or underpronator.

Get a better understanding of pronation in the ASICS Pronation Guide

Related terms: Overpronation, neutral pronation, underpronation

PureGEL™ Technology

Positioned under the rearfoot, this lightweight material offers cushioning that is softer and lighter than previous cushioning technology. It improves impact absorption while creating softer and smoother transitions in each stride.

Reconstructed (RE)

ASICS shoes featuring RE in its name or description are styles that are based on older models. These shoes often pair retro styling with modern components.

ASICS Reconstructed Sneakers


Rebound refers to the ability of a shoe to cushion impact and bounce back after compression.

Sportstyle (SPS)

Sportstyle ASICS shoes are designed for style, rather than performance.

ASICS Sportstyle Sneakers

Sportstyle shoes

Toe Box

The toe box is the area within a shoe surrounding the toes. The toe box should have enough room for the toes to spread out during walking or running.

Toe Spring

Toe spring is the curvature of the shoe's sole under the forefoot or the toes. This curve is designed to facilitate forward motion and propulsion as the foot rolls forward.


Toe-off is the point at which the front of the foot or the toe leaves the ground when walking or running. Shoe features like the ASICS GEL™ technology help with rebound properties during toe-off.


ASICS shoes often feature a trail version. These shoes are made specifically for running on dirt surfaces, as it usually has a different sole suitable for traction off-road.

ASICS Trail Running Shoes


When the foot lands, the outside of the heel lands first at an angle and the foot rolls forward along the outside of the foot. Pressure is then focused on the outside of the foot and the smaller toes.

Get a better understanding of pronation in the ASICS Pronation Guide

Related terms: Overpronation, neutral pronation, pronation


The combination of materials that wrap around the foot. Upper construction can help with stability, breathability and more.