Women's LITE-SHOW Reflective Running Gear (31)

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The women's LITE-SHOW™ collection has been an iconic collection to help female runners of each levels extend their training schedules despite the seasonal changes that cause lower light conditions. The women's LITE-SHOW™ collection is reflection technology, which allows runners to run in low light with increased visibility. The reflection technology enables ASICS runners to run confidently in the dark while the eye-catching bold colors on the shoes motivates runners with a vibrant and energetic positivity. The reflective stripes are strategically placed to catch as much light as comes your way, so each movement shows up and helps to alert surrounding objects and people to the runner’s presence. Visibility is key for low light performance running, if you are thinking about venturing out in the dark, check out women's LITE-SHOW™ reflective technology found in ASICS women's shoes and clothing.