Don’t let weather get in the way of your fitness program. ASICS’ women’s long-sleeve shirts give you a comfortable and luxuriously soft top for running when the temperature drops. Whether you’re racing in a 10K, building up to a marathon next spring, or simply want something comfortable and stylish for your jog down to the gym, our long-sleeve t-shirts for women have you covered.

Like any sport, having the right running equipment is so important. We've designed our women’s long sleeve running tops to allow you to optimize your exercise. By using ultra-soft fabrics for complete comfort, these tops offer total warmth while preventing overheating, thanks to smart technical components like underarm mesh and breathable fabrics. And for running in the dark, many of our long sleeve tops incorporate reflective panels, ensuring you get seen crossing the road.

Match our women’s running tops with our waterproof jackets for tougher conditions, and carry everything you need in one of our women’s bags and packs.